Our Work Process

Engage Us

You will be assigned a dedicated Case Manager who guides you though from start to finish. We get to know your family so we can counsel you about your options. During this process, we want to understand your loved one’s medical and financial situations and the family’s wishes. We can then advise you how to best prepare for the steps you will take on the road ahead.

Collect Documentation

We ask you to provide easily accessible documents. We assist with procuring the documentation and financial statements which are not easy to obtain. We request written authorization to represent your loved one so that we can contact banks and other financial institutions. If the request must come from the family, we draft letters for you to sign.

Prepare Case

We scan all documents and statements into our secure client database. Using our exclusive software tools, all financial statements are converted into an electronic spreadsheet to be analyzed efficiently with 100% accuracy. We prepare a set of hard copy reports for the Medicaid case worker to use to speed up his or her analysis.

Our goal is to make the case worker’s job as easy as possible. What do Medicaid case workers say about our package of reports? “We love it. It saves so much time.”

Review and Approval

After the case has been submitted, we respond to all questions and requests for additional documentation promptly, always meeting deadlines. This is one of the reasons we are a name trusted by health care providers and Medicaid case workers. We are your best advocate in the Medicaid process.

We follow up on a regular basis while the case is being reviewed. We don’t quit until the case has been given a final disposition. Usually this is an approval. There will be times when a penalty will be assessed as a result of improper handling of funds during the look back period. We are not afraid to take on difficult cases. We work hard to get our clients the most favorable outcome possible.